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originated from the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, but is currently nestled in Groningen, the Netherlands, and stands as a dynamic animation studio with a specific focus on 3D animation services for the technology and industrial sector. Our unique capability lies in transforming complex industrial processes into comprehensible, visually captivating 3D animations or images. Beyond 3D, we carry a wealth of experience in 2D animation and graphic design broadening our range of services to cater to diverse client needs.

What we do

3D Industrial Animations

Industrial animation visualizes tools, devices, and processes across industries, letting companies effectively demonstrate their operations. 3D animation, in particular, reveals hidden product functionalities, offering viewers an immersive, inside-out view of products in diverse settings. This technique excels in marketing technical and industrial items, turning their complexity into clear, simplified visuals. Discover how 3D animation can be an invaluable asset for your business.

3D Technical Animations

Technical 3D animation videos break down product functions, serving as informative guides for viewers. While these videos can seem stark, we infuse them with life and clarity. They're key to highlighting product details, and the 3D format ensures easy comprehension.

Our Mission

At AndesAnimations, we harness the power of 3D animation to illuminate the intricacies of industry and technology. Our mission is to transform complex processes and hidden functionalities into vivid, understandable visuals. Whether showcasing a product's nuances or demystifying technical operations, we commit to clarity, immersion, and meaningful engagement for our audience.


Nicky Kolk / Founder

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