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Screw Elevator Wix 1920 540-Recovered.jpg

Portfolio Piece: Screw Conveyor

In the following AndesAnimations will share their process of creating this industrial animation of a screw elevator. This animation uses an advanced physics simulation which will be further explained down below.



Reference images

In order to create an accurate and realistic animation clear reference images are needed. These reference images form the basis of the 3D models and animation.



With the help of the reference images we can start modeling: machinery, factory, products or anything else you want to be recreated in 3D software. 

Screw Elevator Override.webp



When the model was ready, the texturing/shading part of the process started. During this process, we applied the materials that gave the 3D model its colors and appearance.



When all the previous steps are completed, the simulation can be generated and computed. In the simulation part, the 3D software determines how the objects move through the machine. Achieving the correct simulation often requires considerable adjustment and iterations.

Rigid Body Simulation
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