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Portfolio Piece: Industrial Elevator

In the following AndesAnimations will share their process of creating this industrial animation of an industrial elevator from start to finish.



Reference images

In order to create an accurate and realistic animation clear reference images are needed. These reference images form the basis of the 3D models and animation.



With the help of the reference images we can start modeling. Through modeling everything can be precisely recreated. From: machinery, factories, products and much more. In 3D software your imagination is the limit. 

3D Industrial Elevator Model
3D Industrial Elevator Model



When the model is ready, the texturing/shading part of the process can start. During this process, we applied the materials that give the 3D model its colors and appearance.



When all previous steps were completed, the animation part of the process starts. We used Blender again to create the animation. We used keyframes and curves to control the movement and timing of the elevator and its parts.

3D Industrial Elevator Animation
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